Blue Spirit Wheel is a progressive evolution in the world of mantra music. Based on the fundamental rhythms contained within the Sanskrit language, the band uses solid bass grooves, dancing tabla beats and an improvisational vocal style to create soundscapes that draw the listener into a deep state of meditation and consciousness expansion. The audience is invited to participate by chanting simple mantras along with the music, or interact with the sounds through dance and movement, or enter a receptive meditative space where the vibrations of the Sanskrit bija mantras create powerful energy shifts.

The musicians in Blue Spirit Wheel are all practicing yogis who bring together a diverse range of stylistic and cultural influences, ranging from rock and jazz to choral and a cappella to Indian classical and world grooves. All of these sounds are woven into a coherent whole and placed in the service of spiritual transformation.

Ian BoccioIan Boccio is a dedicated practitioner of Mantra Yoga and has been a professional musician for over 25 years. He is the Creative Director for the ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival, through which he has devoted himself to helping raise the consciousness of the South. Ian also teaches workshops and intensives on Sanskrit mantra around the US. Following a long career as a bass guitarist in Los Angeles, Philadelphia and now Atlanta, Ian began singing after he devoted his life to yoga practice, with the help of his teachers Shri Karunamayi, Vyaas Houston, Thomas Ashley-Farrand and Clair Oaks. His deep, sonorous voice, resonant with harmonic overtones, serves as a channel for spiritual energy shaped by the forms of Sanskrit syllables to create healing, happiness and knowledge of one's true life purpose. Ian also fulfills the roles of manager, booking agent and webmaster for Blue Spirit Wheel.

Stephanie KohlerStephanie Kohler is an Atlanta native, although she has traveled extensively overseas both for study and work. A lifelong musician, she first participated in kirtan while living in India. That inspiration eventually led to playing with several kirtan groups around Atlanta, plus performances at Bonnaroo in 2011. An active facilitator in Atlanta's yoga community, she teaches at Ashtanga Yoga Atlanta and helps to organize Chantlanta. She is also a freelance writer.

Jeffrey LidkeJeffrey Lidke, Ph.D., is chair of the Department of Religion at Berry College in Rome, GA.  A specialist in Hindu and Buddhist Tantra, Jeffrey is a tied disciple of Pandit Homnath Upadhyaya in the Nepal Gharana of Tabla. He was trained in the Kirtan tradition under the tutelage of Gurumayi Chidvilasananda, from whom he received Shaktipat Diksa in 1984.

BrihaspatiBrihaspati has been a professional drummer for most of his life. At the dawn of the new millennium he discovered the Ishaya's Ascension and began the meditation practice that ultimately led to taking Apprenticeship Vows and having a Sanskrit name cognized by his teacher, Aramati Ishaya. Brihaspati means 'the personification of the power of ritualized devotion' and symbolizes the essence of his kirtan experience, as a life long love for music is married with the intensity of his spiritual practice.

Scott PridgenA specialist in both African and Indian hand percussion styles, Scott has been touring the US with spiritually enlivened Reggae ensemble DubConscious. He is also a Thai Yoga Massage practitioner, an Ashtanga Yoga instructor and a visionary artist whose acrylic paintings utilize a combination of surrealistic imagery, geometric and abstract patterns, and traditional Hindu and Buddhist figures.

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